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Your Brand’s Potential with Faddico’s Innovative Services. From cutting-edge promotional products to bespoke branding strategies, we propel your business forward. Plus, delve into our comprehensive assistance, including import/export expertise, streamlined warehousing, and unparalleled global trading support. Let’s revolutionize your brand together.

Forget Generic, Go PersonalCreate Unique Promo Products that Get Noticed    

At Faddico, we craft custom promotional products that make your brand stand out. From eye-catching merchandise to tailored promotional campaigns, we’re here to help you leave a lasting impression

Promotional Products

Unlock your brand's potential with Faddico's tailored promotional products. From eye-catching apparel to innovative giveaways, captivate customers and make a lasting impression.

Bulk Orders

Faddico offers competitive pricing and handles large volumes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our streamlined ordering process saves time and money for importers and exporters.

Goods Trading
Faddico streamlines trading, offering simplicity and confidence. Our user-friendly platform enhances your potential, blending strength, reliability, and ease in one intuitive platform.
Import Export

Simplify import-export with our comprehensive services covering logistics and documentation. Place your order, and we'll manage the rest, ensuring seamless international trading for you.


Utilizing our extensive global network, we manage supply chain needs across the US, optimizing logistics to enhance speed, control, and visibility through integrated shipping and distribution.


Get assurance of  a strategic market presence with Feddico's production services involving careful production incorporating artship and custom adjustments to match market expectations.


We specialize in custom products tailored to your brand, resonating universally. Prioritizing brand character and social sensitivity, our services ensure lasting impact across diverse US markets.

Custom Packaging
Elevate your marketing strategy with bespoke Faddico packaging solutions. Choose from a diverse selection to impress recipients, reduce shipping costs, and elevate your brand's image. Tailored packaging for unforgettable impressions and practical advantages

Products You'll Love

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high-quality corporate merchandise products that are built to last.
Our products are designed with longevity in mind and are made using high quality material, ensuring that they can stand up to even the toughest conditions.


FeaturesWhy Choose Us

Choose us for seamless import-export solutions. Our expertise ensures reliable, efficient, and customized global trade services tailored to your unique business needs.

International Trade Streamlining
Optimize your global
transactions with our import-
export services, providing
seamless connections to
markets around
the world.
End-to-End Logistics Management
Our services encompass
everything from
transportation to customs
clearance, ensuring the
efficient delivery of
your goods
Expertise in Regulatory Compliance
Benefit from our proficiency
in navigating and adhering
to international trade
regulations for a smooth and
compliant import-export
Customized Global Trade Solutions

Our services meet specific business requirements, providing personalized strategies for efficient and successful international trade operations.